• 国: Romania
  • 都市: Mangalia
  • 年齢: 37
  • 身長: 情報無し
  • 体重: 情報無し
Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu was born on October 16, 1986, in Mangalia, Constanţa, România.Her father is from Moldova. The singer recalls that the love for music was brought to her by her family, fully supporting her. In her childhood, her grandfather called her Inna, and she eventually decided that her stage name would be Inna. When she was a teenager, Inna listened to a large variety of musical genres. Although her favourite style was electro-dance, she also listened to Christina Aguilera's or Beyoncé's music. She also recalls how it was so easy for her to sing every song that she liked. She studied at Liceul Economic Mangalia (a high school in Mangalia, now called Colegiul Economic Mang...