Milena D - "Little Violet" :: Promo

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Description: Full-lipped beauty Milena D preens as she peels down the top of her nightie, before giving a quick peek-a-boo glimpse of her hairy, but beautifully coiffured pussy. The blue-eyed beauty is dressed in super sexy lingerie and swings her hips from side to side. Suddenly, the Ukrainian tease bends down so that her sheer panties pull tight over the curves of her peachy ass. She stops gyrating, removes her nightie and reclines on the sofa with two bowls of fruit and cream. Spreading her legs she seductively strokes her inner thighs, raises her ass slightly and pulls her panties down to her ankles so that she can thrust her pink-lipped pussy towards the camera. She picks up a cream-tipped banana and licks it sensuously before dotting some of the cream on her breasts. Having eaten the phallic fruit she smiles, raises her breasts to her mouth and savors her cream-coated nipples.
Sponsored by: MetArt
Models: Milena D
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