Lizzie in Veil Fantasy - Promo

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Description: Raven haired beauty Lizzie is dressed in little more than a pair of black panties and a sexy negligee She kneels on her bed, her hands exploring her body. She squeezes her firm breasts, slipping a hand inside to pull at her flesh, dragging her fingers over her nipples to make them hard. When she opens her top, her small, pale breasts with sweet pink nipples are freed, and then she unclasps her panties at the hips and lets them fall. Her pussy is shaved smooth, her labia in silhouette between her slim thighs. Slowly, she begins to touch herself, her fingers tracing a line down her belly to her mons then back to toy with her breasts. She sucks lustily on one finger then rubs it over her nipple, feeling herself come alive. Turning, she grips the head of the bed and bends over, her pink pussy lips parting sexily.
Sponsored by: MetArt
Models: Lizzie
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