Erotic Alise Moreno in Heart Shape - Promo

Duration: 1min 00sec Views: 38 238 Submitted: 1 month ago Submitted by:
Description: Lovely redhead Alise Moreno in scarlet bra and panties caresses her body, quickly slipping her bra off her shoulders and licking her finger to wet her nipples. They grow hard to her touch. She lies back and pulls her panties off slowly over feet and ankles, before spreading her legs open to reveal her sweet shaved pussy, a hint of moisture on her small labia. The more she plays with her body intimately, the wetter she becomes, each pull on her inner thighs opens her lips wider. Her hands reach all the way down her body to stroke her ankles and feel her feet before she turns over onto hands and knees, bare feet in front of the camera, sweet ass up, hand caressing her inner thighs and pulling her pussy lips open.
Sponsored by: MetArt
Models: Alise Moreno
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